Lives and works in Dobřichovice (Czech Republic). She proposes a colorful constructivist composition.

Artist's statement : "I have been working as a painter with pure colours since about 1965. I have been mainly occupied with their psychological effects and their symbolism. I have studied a great deal of the literature and opinions of individual artists. I have succeeded in creating a system which combines the psychological effects of colours with the physical effects of light. I work with simple shapes and curves which become the vehicles of basic pure colour tones. In 1990, in addition to paintings on large canvasses, I began to use various and translucent and transparent materials in works of multi-layered coloured drawings, in which each layer introduces a single creatively elaborated concern. This translucent work in large formats is hung in spaces so that the viewer can discover individual large surfaces and read the drawing, discovering shapes and letting oneself be infused by the effects of individual colours. In this way the cycle 'Shrouded Drawings' was created. Curves became an autonomous expressive medium, representing symbols of differing psychological states."

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PARIS - DECEMBER  19, 2014 / JANUARY 10, 2015


The exhibition 'A SINGLE GRAIN OF RICE' stands as an invitation to rediscover the entire universe through a selection of works of art of small size.

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