Born in Korea she now lives and works in Los Angeles, California (USA). She is presenting an allegorical composition, entitled "Fire & Water 2". Dazzling...

Technique : The materials used are 22K gold leaf and watercolor on plywood. I chose gold leaf, a highly sought after precious metal used in religious icons, to represent the light of God the creator (fire), and often God's connection to the important feminine creator, the Virgin (water), in an attempt to create secular icons that emphasize the timelessness of these elemental symbols. The transparent nature of watercolor allows the natural grain of the wood to show through. The watercolor was applied in thin layers, as many as 20 to achieve richness in color in certain areas. The wood was not sealed, allowing the watercolor to seep into the grain to create an organic texture throughout the painting. In addition, some areas were left completely void of any applied color, in essence allowing the color and grain of the wood to become a 3rd medium.

Artist's statement : "The theme for this series is fire and water. Heraclitus identified God, the source of all becoming, with fire, and believed that fire was the perfect symbol of gods creative energy. Water, since life is all thought to have come from water, is a symbol frequently associated with women, who bring new human life into the world. In these pieces I'm attempting to illustrate and bring these celestial and terrestrial ideas of creation together in all their force, beauty and vitality in perfect harmony."

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 PARIS - 19 décembre 2014 / 10 janvier 2015

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